Carpet Cleaning:  This is what our company was built on and we do it well.  Pinnacle Pro Floor Care offers hot water extraction carpet cleaning using state-of-the-art cleaning methods and equipment.  Our powerful truck-mounted systems offer the best in soil extraction and faster dry times. We take personal pride in improving the quality of the indoor environment and thus the health, well being, and comfort of our customers.  We utilize the time-tested and proven Bane-Clene® truck-mounted system, which is recommended by the nation’s leading carpet mills and manufacturers. Carpets dry in a few hours, not days. If stains reappear, so do we - to remove them free. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Carpets look clean, smell clean and are clean.  Our courteous technicians  treat every home as if it were their own, that’s why we call ourselves “The Cleaner That Cares!”  

You invest a lot in the floor coverings for your home or business. We want you to enjoy them for as long as possible. That’s why we teach "floor care begins outside your doors" and includes routine vacuuming of 90% of the soil that is tracked in. But when you’ve done all you can and your carpets start to look dirty or you experience one of those accidental spills… "Call US on the carpet"® to make it better.

  • Free estimates
  • No hidden charges
  • Bane-Clene® certification
  • Trained & courteous technicians
  • Commercial and residential
  • Safe, quiet system. Cleans Deep, Dries Fast
  • Courtesy track-off mat cleaning
  • We bring our own treated water and take away dirty water
  • No sticky residue to attract dirt


Standard Premium Services

  • Pre-treatment
    Carpets and upholstery will be pretreated with special cleaning agents that will break down and suspend difficult soil for removal.
  • Spotting
    Special spotting agents will be used to remove any difficult or persistent spots.
  • Baseboard cleaning
    When moving your furniture, dust will be wiped clean from the wall and baseboards before furniture is moved back into place.
  • Furniture moving
    Furniture will be carefully moved and replaced on special protectors, preventing rust or furniture stains.
  • Final finishing
    The pile of your carpet will be carefully groomed for rapid drying time, maximum appearance, and softness.


Optional Premium Services

  • Environmentally Responsible Carpet Cleaner
  • Sanitizing "Cleaner than Clean"
    Improves indoor air quality and restores new home freshness. Microban technology neutralizes, reduces, and controls the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. EPA registered.
  • Allergy and Asthma Relief
    Dust mite allergen reduction as high as 90%. Allergy Relief Treatment is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye & perfume free; contains no volatile organic compounds, pesticides, phosphates or other hazardous materials; and is biodegradable and environmentally safe. Guaranteed relief.
  • Advanced Yarn and Fabric Protection
    Teflon provides a new level of stain protection for your carpets.
  • Odor Control and Water Pump-outs
    When the unexpected happens. Top-of-the-line equipment, carefully selected chemicals, and skilled technicians get the job done quickly.
  • Specialized Stain Treatments and Carpet Repair
    Effective removal of many difficult stains and where dye has been affected.
  • Valuable Rug and Furniture Cleaning
    Controlled cleaning and drying conditions in our warehouse assure the utmost in care and attention to every detail.
  • Actual square foot pricing with volume discounts
  • Annual cleaning agreements
  • Warranty work for most carpet mills
  • All work guaranteed


Current member in good standing

Rug Cleaning:  From inexpensive to irreplaceable, we clean them all.  Rugs, like carpets, are treated on a case-by-case basis.  We will completely and thoroughly assess the condition of the rug and treat it accordingly.  Rugs can be cleaned in your home while we are cleaning your carpets and furnishings or they can be taken back to our shop where they will be cleaned and dried before being returned to you.  We offer rug pick-up and drop-off service as well for both residential and commercial clients.  Just give us a quick and easy call and we will come and pick up your rugs and return them to you when they are finished or, if it’s easier, simply drop them off at our shop.


Upholstery Cleaning:  We offer upholstery cleaning as well.  Our powerful, state-of-the-art truckmount system allows us to tackle even the toughest jobs.  We can clean and protect your expensive furnishings to extend the life of your investment.  Everyday dirt, dust, and body oils are just a few of the culprits that wreak havoc on your furniture.  Let Pinnacle Pro Floor Care bring new life back into your tired furniture.  Keep it looking clean longer by having us apply a protector.  Many furnishing come with a protector applied from the manufacturer or furniture store.  This protection wears off over time but we can quickly and easily reapply it and keep your mind at ease.  We can also take care of those pesky odors that pop up from time to time.  Pricing is based on the piece to be cleaned.  Call us today for a free and accurate estimate on all your upholstery cleaning needs.


Leather Cleaning:  Many people view leather as something that doesn’t need much care or maintenance.  While this is true to a certain degree, leather can and will benefit from regular cleaning and conditioning.  Dirt, abrasion, and body oils are all potentially harmful to your leather furniture.  We will come in and clean your leather, condition it for maximum soft, supple feel and extend the overall life of the piece.  Keep your expensive leather furnishings looking in tip top shape by calling Pinnacle Pro Floor Care today for a free and accurate estimate.


Mattress Cleaning:  Mattresses can harbor all sorts of potentially harmful creepy-crawlies.  Get your mattress professionally cleaned on a regular basis to take care of all those dead skin cells and the dust mites that feed on them.  Did you know that a mattress can legitimately be considered one of the dirtiest items in your home?  A mattress can often become a host to many things, including dust mites, bacteria, and fungal spores.  Dust mites feed off your dead skin cells of which your mattress is likely full of.  These little pests live and breed within your mattress and also leave their problem causing droppings.  Dust mite droppings have been medically proven to cause many issues with humans including Asthma, ,many types of allergies, Bronchitis, Eczema, sneezing, or itchy eyes just to name a few.


We at Pinnacle Pro Floor Care can safely and effectively clean and sanitize your mattress, making your home a much cleaner and altogether safer place to live.  Give us a call today for a free quote.


Sanitation:  Sanitation of carpeting or hard surfaces is often overlooked in your home or place of business.  We offer economical cleaning and sanitation solutions to keep you healthy and happy.  Some of the places where this service could be put to good use would be children’s play areas, daycares, hospitals, or even your church nursery and Sunday school rooms.  We can also take care of cleaning and sanitizing after an even such as a sewer back up, whether it be on carpeting or even bare concrete.  Proper sanitation is an excellent way to prevent the spread of illness within your home or business.


Odor Control:  We receive calls all the time asking us if we can take care of certain offensive smells.  More often than not, these smells tend to be pet related.  Now we all love and adore our pets but let’s face it, accidents do happen.  Pinnacle Pro Floor Care has the tools, knowledge, and experience to take care of even the toughest odors.  Give us a call today to see how we can help take care of your odor control needs.


Stain / Spot Removal:  If you have an unsightly spot or stain that you just can’t seem to remove, give us a call.  Our technicians are fully trained and have the experience to take care of even the most difficult stains.  Spots and stains are evaluated and treated on a case by case basis utilizing several different methods and cleaning solutions.  Whether you have an ill pet or just fumbling fingertips, we can take care of it and get you on with your life.


We would also like to offer a word of caution and some sound advice.  If, by chance, you run into a spot or stain that you just aren’t sure how to treat, it’s often best to call a professional.  It will more than likely save you time and even money in the long run.  Carpet and upholstery spots and stains that are treated with over-the-counter products from big box or grocery stores can often make the problem much worse.  Once these spots are treated with such cleaners, the damage may be done and it could be too late, even for a professional.  So we simply ask you to call us at Pinnacle Pro Floor Care and we will be glad to get you the help you need.  We pride ourselves with being completely honest with our clients no matter what the situation.  So, with that being said, when in doubt please give a shout…you’ll be happy you did!


Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning:  Bring that dull, dirty tile back up to snuff and give those unsightly grout lines a much needed facelift.  Pinnacle Pro Floor Care uses our powerful state-of-the-art truckmount system combined with some of the industries finest equipment to completely transform your ceramic tile and grout.  We can make it look new again.  Call us for a free and accurate estimate on all your ceramic tile and grout cleaning needs.


Automobile, Boat, & RV Interiors:  Your car takes a beating.  Get it cleaned professionally and extend the life of your interior.  We offer cleaning for your car’s dirty carpets, floor mats, and seats, even leather!  Get your boat’s carpet cleaned before the big weekend guests arrive (or after they leave).  We can also get your carpeting cleaned before winter storage so it will be “ready-to-troll” come opening day!  RVs and campers are nothing more than a home on wheels so why not get your camper carpets and upholstery spic-n-span before the family vacation.  As with boats, we can also take care of cleaning your carpets and furniture before the long winter storage or before you head south for the winter.


Carpet & Upholstery Protection:  Any carpets, rugs, or upholstery that is cleaned by our team at Pinnacle Pro Floor Care will undoubtedly benefit from an application of protectant.  We highly recommend the application of DuPont Teflon Advanced carpet and fabric protectant after any and all cleaning procedures.  This will keep your carpets and furniture looking cleaner, longer!  Also, application of the protectant will make subsequent cleanings much easier for us.  Easier cleanings mean money saved for you.  If you choose to apply Teflon to your carpets or upholstery as part of your cleaning, the next cleaning you book with Pinnacle Pro Floor Care will be a full 10% off! 







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