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Referral Rewards

We at Pinnacle Pro Floor Care are super excited to introduce to your our NEW Pinnacle Referral Rewards Program.  Being in the service industry, we rely heavily on word of mouth advertising and we want to make it easy and rewarding for you to tell your family and friends about your positive experiences with Pinnacle Pro Floor Care.


Here’s how it works:


After each cleaning, you will be given a few Pinnacle Referral Rewards cards.  Simply fill in your name on the space provided and hand these out to your family, friends, co-workers or anybody else you may want to give one to.  This entitles that person to 10% OFF their first cleaning with Pinnacle Pro Floor Care.  All they have to do is simply redeem the card at the time of their cleaning and they receive a full 10% OFF all services provided that day!  What we will do then for you, as a thank you for referring a new customer to us, is give you a certificate entitling you to 10% of their total invoice.  This certificate may be redeemed for either cash or a credit toward your next cleaning with Pinnacle Pro Floor Care.  Certificate is valid for one full calendar year and is fully transferable so you may keep it or give it to anybody you choose.


Here’s a quick example of how the Pinnacle Referral Rewards program works.  You receive a few Pinnacle Referral Rewards cards from your friendly technician after your last service call.  You happen to give one to your mother who then calls, makes an appointment, and has her whole house cleaned with a total invoice of $350.00.  She would automatically receive a 10%, or $35 discount on her invoice and you would then receive a certificate from us at Pinnacle Pro Floor Care in the amount of $35.00 good for your choice of CASH or CREDIT toward your next cleaning.  It’s that simple!  Imagine if you referred three or four more new clients – the savings would really add up for you.  Who knows, maybe you could end up getting FREE CLEANINGS just by referring a few new clients to Pinnacle Pro Floor Care!