The Cleaner That Cares!

Stain / Spot Removal

If you have an unsightly spot or stain that you just can’t seem to remove, give us a call. Our technicians are fully trained and have the experience to take care of even the most difficult stains. Spots and stains are evaluated and treated on a case by case basis utilizing several different methods and cleaning solutions. Whether you have an ill pet or just fumbling fingertips, we can take care of it and get you on with your life.


We would also like to offer a word of caution and some sound advice.  If, by chance, you run into a spot or stain that you just aren’t sure how to treat, it’s often best to call a professional.  It will more than likely save you time and even money in the long run.  Carpet and upholstery spots and stains that are treated with over-the-counter products from big box or grocery stores can often make the problem much worse.  Once these spots are treated with such cleaners, the damage may be done and it could be too late, even for a professional.  So we simply ask you to call us at Pinnacle Pro Floor Care and we will be glad to get you the help you need.  We pride ourselves with being completely honest with our clients no matter what the situation.  So, with that being said, when in doubt please give a shout…you’ll be happy you did!