The Cleaner That Cares!

Carpet Cleaning

This is what our company was built on and we do it well.  Pinnacle Pro Floor Care offers hot water extraction carpet cleaning using state-of-the-art cleaning methods and equipment. Our powerful truck-mounted systems offer the best in soil extraction and faster dry times. We take personal pride in improving the quality of the indoor environment and thus the health, well being, and comfort of our customers. We utilize the time-tested and proven Bane-Clene® truck-mounted system, which is recommended by the nation’s leading carpet mills and manufacturers. Carpets dry in a few hours, not days. If stains reappear, so do we - to remove them free. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Carpets look clean, smell clean and are clean. Our courteous technicians treat every home as if it were their own, that’s why we call ourselves “The Cleaner That Cares!”  


You invest a lot in the floor coverings for your home or business. We want you to enjoy them for as long as possible. That’s why we teach "floor care begins outside your doors" and includes routine vacuuming of 90% of the soil that is tracked in. But when you’ve done all you can and your carpets start to look dirty or you experience one of those accidental spills… "Call US on the carpet"® to make it better.


  • Free estimates
  • No hidden charges
  • Bane-Clene® certification
  • Trained & courteous technicians
  • Commercial and residential
  • Safe, quiet system. Cleans Deep, Dries Fast
  • Courtesy track-off mat cleaning
  • We bring our own treated water and take away dirty water
  • No sticky residue to attract dirt


Standard Premium Services


  • Pre-treatment
    Carpets and upholstery will be pretreated with special cleaning agents that will break down and suspend difficult soil for removal.
  • Spotting
    Special spotting agents will be used to remove any difficult or persistent spots.
  • Baseboard cleaning
    When moving your furniture, dust will be wiped clean from the wall and baseboards before furniture is moved back into place.
  • Furniture moving
    Furniture will be carefully moved and replaced on special protectors, preventing rust or furniture stains.
  • Final finishing
    The pile of your carpet will be carefully groomed for rapid drying time, maximum appearance, and softness.



Optional Premium Services


  • Environmentally Responsible Carpet Cleaner
  • Sanitizing "Cleaner than Clean"
    Improves indoor air quality and restores new home freshness. Microban technology neutralizes, reduces, and controls the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. EPA registered.
  • Allergy and Asthma Relief 
    Dust mite allergen reduction as high as 90%. Allergy Relief Treatment is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye & perfume free; contains no volatile organic compounds, pesticides, phosphates or other hazardous materials; and is biodegradable and environmentally safe. Guaranteed relief.
  • Advanced Yarn and Fabric Protection
    Teflon provides a new level of stain protection for your carpets.
  • Odor Control and Water Pump-outs
    When the unexpected happens. Top-of-the-line equipment, carefully selected chemicals, and skilled technicians get the job done quickly.
  • Specialized Stain Treatments and Carpet Repair
    Effective removal of many difficult stains and where dye has been affected.
  • Valuable Rug and Furniture Cleaning
    Controlled cleaning and drying conditions in our warehouse assure the utmost in care and attention to every detail.
  • Actual square foot pricing with volume discounts
  • Annual cleaning agreements
  • Warranty work for most carpet mills
  • All work guaranteed